Michael Wesely - Open Shutter Project

Michael Wesely, the man who registers time in a single image.

He is a German photographer who took the long exposure technique to another level.
Using custom made large format cameras he takes photos with exposures that last months, in a project he calls Open Shutter.
In 2001 he was invitted by MOMA to record the work of remodeling and expansion of the museum that lasted three years.
The result was three amazing pictures and the photo with the longest exposure of all time.
Wesely says that there is no limit and in the future he may take pictures with up to 40 years of exposure.

Personal website link: Here

He has no portfolio on is website but here is the link to some of his works: Here


Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz is a brazilian plastic artist that creates amazing pictures and recreates well known paintings and photographs using materials like dirt, tree branches and leaves, peanut butter, chocolate, little pieces of magazines, and even garbage.

Official site


Hunter Reynolds

"It’s been said that among the hardest lessons in life, learning to let go counts chief among them. Mystics and artists alike have made much of renunciation. Whether we consider the abjurations of Francis of Assisi or Marcel Duchamp, Guatama Buddha or John Cage, letting go of control has been heralded an achievement few can master."

Official site


Light Stencil - TigTab

Tigtab is the nickname of an Australian artist, who prefers to remain anonymous. She makes photographs using a technique called light stencil creating amazing images. I could not find much relevant information about her, so here is her flickr page. Enjoy.

TigTab flickr


Fumie Sasabuchi

Fumie Sasabuchi is a japanese artist who´s work is about human body (female mainly) and some
about death. She shows what our skin hides, some grotesque female figures but always with a great notion of aesthetic and knowledge of human physiognomy.

Official site


Evan Penny´s Sculpture

"Evan Penny makes the kind of sculpture that is so realistic, so detailed, and so obviously a display of skill that it literally stops people in their tracks. But this alone isn't why the artist's work grabs the viewer."

Official site.


Brian Dettmer - Book Arts

Brian Dettmer é um artista contemporâneo americano conhecido por transformar principalmente livros e outros tipos de suporte em imagens tridimencionais.
Com um grande curriculum de exposições, o seu trabalho passou por várias galerias, festivais e feiras nos Estados Unidos, México e Europa.

Brian Dettmer is an American contemporary artist known for turning mainly books and other media types into three-dimensional images.
With a large exhibitions curriculum, his work was
exhibited in several galleries, festivals and fairs in the United States, Mexico and Europe.



Marcel Duchamp e a viragem linguística da arte contemporânea

O Director do Museu do Neo-Realismo, David Santos vai estar no Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, no dia 13 de Abril de 2011, para uma conferência sobre Marcel Duchamp e a viragem linguística da arte contemporânea.

Mais informações no site da Fundação: Aqui



Duchamp é considerado um dos pioneiros do Dadaísmo, movimento artístico que defende a ruptura com as formas de arte tradicionais, a liberdade desenfreada do indivíduo e a espontaneidade, dando lugar à antiarte.

A exposição Duchamp: A Arte de Negar a Arte, é composta por cerca de 46 obras, e pode ser vista até 12 de Junho de 2011 na Fundação Eugénio de Almeida em Évora.

Para mais informações visite o site da Fundação: Aqui

Duchamp is considered a pioneer of Dadaism, an artistic movement that defends a break with the traditional art forms, the unbridled freedom and spontaneity of the individual, giving rise to anti-art.

The exhibition Duchamp: The Art of Denying the Arts is composed of approximately 46 works, and can be seen until June 12, 2011 at the Fundação Eugenio de Almeida in Évora.

For more information visit the Foundation's website: Here


Exposição "7 Objectos e os demais"

O Colectivo Arte às Tantas inaugura este sábado 12 de Março de 2001 uma exposição de fotografia, que decorre até 18 de Março de 2011, no Bar do Centro de Arte de Ovar.
Com a participação dos elementos do colectivo Bonifácio Baptista, Bruno Manarte, Gil e Joel Tavares e dos artistas convidados, DMZ, Fernando Pinho e Laurinda Mateus.
Imagens e estórias à volta de sete objectos do nosso quotidiano.

The collective Arte às Tantas opens this Saturday, March 12, 2011, a photography exhibition which runs until March 18, 2011, at Ovar's Art Centre Bar.
With the participation of the elements of the collective Bonifácio Baptista, Bruno Manarte, Gil, Joel Tavares and guest artist DMZ, Fernando Pinho and Laurinda Mateus.
Images and stories around seven everyday objects.


Sylvia Ji

Red Quechquemitls

Possessing an artistic voice as unique as the times we live in, Sylvia Ji is at once contemplative, spiritual, enigmatic, and yet whimsically funny. Above all else, it is perhaps beauty that emerges as her defining characteristic, and her art reflects this: an extension of herself; a passionate appreciation of simple aesthetic pleasure fused with intimately complex subject matter.

Source: Sylvia Ji


Kikuji Kawada

Kikuji Kawada Atomic Dome, Ceiling, Stain of Blood, from the series Chizu (The Map), 1960-1961; photograph; gelatin silver print, 12 in. x 15 in. (30.48 cm x 38.1 cm); Collection SFMOMA, Collection of the Sack Photographic Trust and collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Kikuji Kawada




Vhils is a street artist claimed all over the world, and you can see why.

Visit his website and take a look on his work, that goes beyound the walls of the street.

Official website



Here's a photographer that I'd like to share with all of you, not only because of its work (That I think it's fantastic), but also because of his story on becoming a successful artist, that teaches you that it's never too late to pursuit your dreams.





Yan Travaille

Tattoo is considered a form of art by many, and I must say that I´m one of them.
Yan Travaille is a tattooist with a new aproach on this art, that I find important to share and, who
knows, it might inspire you to do something like this. Official site


Marina Bychkova

Marina Bychkova is a young russian artist that delights us with her ball-jointed porcelain dolls.
She make the whole dolls by hand, inclusive their clothes, wich results in these ethereal beauty that we can´t ignore, even for those who doesn´t like porcelain dolls. Official Site


Retratos da Ria

Na próxima sexta-feira dia 30 de Julho vai inaugurar no bar Paralelo 38, na praia do Furadouro-Ovar, a exposição de fotografia "Retratos da Ria" que se vai prolongar até 16 de Setembro. Com a participação de dois elementos do Colectivo Arte às Tantas, Bruno Manarte e Joel Tavares, e um terceiro fotógrafo Fernando Pinho.
A intenção desta exposição é mostrar as imagens da Ria de Aveiro que só a câmara fotográfica pode reproduzir.


Philip Loersch

"Philip Loersch's intricate drawings and cutouts create a unique vocabulary of lines and shapes used to create complex, filigree structures that float freely in space. Investigating the juxtaposition of Ancient scientific diagrams over most recent approaches to scientific representations, Loersch is asking fundamental questions about the process of drawing." via NY ART MAG  -  Philip Loersch


Aleksandra Rdest

"Aleksandra Rdest uses a language drawn from weather patterns; inspired by sound waves, particles and cells on a microscopic level. The point of departure for these works is growth and decay; cellular division and multiplication, biological colonization. Rdest’s love affair with colour gives rise to these paintings which are created by richly layering veils of paint to form a deep surface." via NY ARTS Aleksandra Rdest site - www.aleksrdest.com


Jeff Nishinaka - The Paper Genius

"The stunning elegance of Jeff Nishinaka’s paper art calls for a new definition of paper. His meticulous sculptural 3D work appears to have been created from marble or extremely fine sand or vanilla ice cream or thick foam — definitely of something other than “just” paper. The Los Angeles-born artist works mainly with white, which makes the exquisite play of light and shadow a large part of the appeal of his work." via The Cool Hunter


Mia Pearlman

"I make site-specific cut paper installations, ephemeral drawings in both two and three dimensions that blur the line between actual, illusionistic and imagined space. Sculptural and often glowing with natural or artificial light, these imaginary weather systems appear frozen in an ambiguous moment, bursting through walls and windows, or hovering within a room.My process is very intuitive, based on spontaneous decisions in the moment. I begin by making loose line drawings in India ink on large rolls of paper. Then I cut out selected areas between the lines to make a new drawing in positive and negative space on the reverse. 30-80 of these cut paper pieces form the final installation, which I create on site by trial and error, a 2-3 day dance with chance and control. Existing only for the length of an exhibition, this weightless world totters on the brink of being and not being, continually in flux. It is my mediation on creation, destruction, and the transient nature of reality." Site>Mia Pearlman via NYarts


Mariana Abramovic no MoMA

For years,
Marina Abramovic was one of those radical artists who make their wildest peers seem tame. As one of the great pioneers of performance art, her medium was herself, and she played fast and loose with it. [...] Those wild years have passed. In "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present," her retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art -- the first comprehensive show she's had in the United States -- Abramovic, now 63, has let herself become a work of art like any other. The museum has tamed her. From 14 March to 31 May 2010, a major retrospective and performance recreation is underway at the Museum of Modern Art. During the run of the exhibition, Marina Abramovic is performing "The Artist is Present" a 600-hour static, silent piece, in which she will sit immobile, while spectators are invited to take turns sitting opposite her. She sits at a table in the open atrium, waiting for visitors to sit down and gaze into her eyes. Considering that her other performances have included cutting herself with knives, having guns pointed at her, and lying in a ring of fire, this is a drastic change of pace for Abramovic. Even this, however, will challenge her with her longest performance yet, an 11-week run of staring at strangers. Beyond her performance, the upstairs exhibit has videos and photos from her career, plus five other performances going on with handpicked performers acting out some of her pieces.

In Noteworthy People Stare at The MoMA (aqui podem-se ver mais fotos da performance, que contou com a participação de vários músicos e actores)

Biografia em ArtNews


Anish Kapoor

Nascido em Bombaim e a viver em Londres desde a década de 1970, Anish Kapoor (1954) tem sido uma força vital na arte contemporânea. O seu trabalho é hermético, mas inconfundível, tanto pelas suas impressionantes formas abstractas como também pela utilização de materiais distintos, os tradicionais mármore e bronze e os de alta tecnologia como o aço inoxidável e a fibra de vidro. A beleza da sua obra prende-se em grande parte pela simplicidade e mistério das formas que, juntamente com o seu tamanho e por vezes movimento, criam um enorme impacto visual.



Tara Donovan

"New York artist Tara Donovan is a master of seeing. Not just looking, but actually seeing. Her sculptural, one-of-a-kind art is based on her ability to see, imagine and create forms, shapes and textures from ordinary objects that most of us don't even notice. She creates art from rolls of tape, pieces of pencil, Styrofoam cups, paper plates, napkins. Her sculptural works evoke thoughts of nature. A perfect example is the 'Untitled' cloud formation she created in 2003 from Styrofoam cups and glue." LINK
Via The Cool Hunter


Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee is a young South Korean artist whose work expresses a semi-disturbing inner tension that is tough to ignore, even if you feel that you'd like to. It draws you in with its powerful colors, halting imagery and clever juxtaposition of beauty, innocence and fragility with brash, loud and aggressive. > LINK

FEED via - the cool hunter


Mostra de Curtas - Metragens no Paralelo 38

ENTRADA LIVRE - Mostra de Curtas-Metragens no Paralelo 38

The Arte às Tantas Collective is organizing an exhibition of short-films and video clips in "Paralelo 38" bar, Portugal. This events aims to culturally enrich a social extract with few knowledge on short-film language, trying to instill in the audience artistic expressions with little support in Portugal.

For more information contact us - arteastantas@gmail.com


Mostra de Curtas-Metragens

É já sábado dia 13 de Março que acontece a primeira Mostra de Curtas-Metragens pelo Colectivo Arte Às Tantas no bar Paralelo 38, na praia do Furadouro, Ovar.

A sessão terá início às 22:38.


"Alma" de Rodrigo Blaas
"Galileo" de Ghislain Avrillon
"Ponto de Luz" de Ricardo Alves e Mercês Gomes - videoclip de Sara Tavares
"MTV Birth" de Xavier Almeida
"At the Dance" de Xavier Almeida
"Spiritus" de Susana Andrez

"10 ways to eliminate a buddhist monk" de Vitor Lopes
"Harmony Korine" de Lasse Hoile - videoclip de Steven Wilson
"Ink" de Nuno Neves
"Monster" de Nuno Neves - videoclip de No Tribe
"Blonde Fire" de Joe Vanhouttegem - videoclip de The Hickey Underworld
"The Ballad of Mary Slade" de Robin Fuller

“Airport Tunnel” de Vitor Hugo – videoclip de OliveTreeDance
"Left-brained Larry and right-brained Rachel" de Sally A. Ward
"Marine" de Alexandre Bernard, Pierre Pages e Damien Laurent
"Nuit Blanche" de Arev Manoukian
"Making of - Nuit Blanche" de Arev Manoukian


Fen Ma Liuming

Ma Liuming began making his nude performance pieces in Beijing in the early 1990’s, usually in front of a small circle of friends. With long hair and feminine features, he uses his androgynous look as an important part of his art and wears make-up to transform his face into his female alter ego, Fen. In the earlier works he would sit naked on a platform, while in later works, such as “Fen Ma Liuming in Lyon (France)” from 2001, he is also drugged with sleeping pills that render him essentially motionless. Those in attendance are then invited to come on stage and take a picture with the artist. Some pose at his feet, others disrobe and sit next to him, most engage the limp body as a prop. Audience reaction varies from country to country. Their expressions vary from amusement to challenge to adoration, but their awareness of the camera (and its importance in provoking their reaction) is never in question.

Museum of Contemporary Photography


Artist Profile: Aaron Noble

Aaron Noble basically translates to paint fragments of comic books.

Artist Profile: Aaron Noble from By Osmosis TV on Vimeo.


Hybrid Illusions

Art by Aude Oliva, MIT Museum - Cambridge

Move backwards for about 3 meters and see Einstein´s features transforming into Marilyn Monroe´s face.

"A hybrid image is a picture that combines the low spatial frequencies of one picture with the high spatial frequencies of another, producing an image with an interpretation that changes with viewing distance or time." For more information > MIT


"Em Exibição" pelo Colectivo Arte às Tantas

O Colectivo Arte às Tantas está de volta com uma nova exposição - Em Exibição.
Uma exposição feita para o Ovarvídeo 2009, de 17 a 22 de Novembro no Centro de Arte de Ovar.

Em Exibição tem como base a interpretação de cartazes de famosos filmes que marcaram o cinema. Reinventado a ambiência e os símbolos presentes nos cartazes, a exposição retrata o imaginário colectivo do cinema, presente na memória de cada um. Desde o suspense e comédia, ao drama e romance, Em Exibição permite sentir, tocar e rever o cinema que persiste no profundo tangível do espectador.

Conta com obras de Bruno Manarte, Bonifácio Baptista, Joel Tavares, Emmanuel Lopes, Ricardo Neto e Susana Andrez.
Vídeo instalação, arte digital, instalação fotográfica, técnica mista e muito mais.